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CM1 S2 (RN)
(Home Speakers - Bookshelf Speakers)

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Small is beautiful, and sounds beautiful with CM1 S2. The smallest speaker in the CM Series combines precise audio with modern design and enough power to fill most rooms.

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Decoupled Double Dome tweeter

CM Series tweeters use a thin, light aluminium dome bonded to a thicker ring, to prevent distortion, for purer high notes. They are then decoupled from the cabinets with a ring of synthetic gel, to cushion and remove vibration.

Nautilus tube

Not all sound is good. Sound from the rear of a tweeter can bounce around a cabinet and undermine the sound coming from the front. Nautilus Tapering Tubes, filled with absorbent wadding, reduce unwanted sound to a minimum.

Cabinet construction

All CM Series cabinets are made from real wood and are extensively braced. This not only leads to an aesthetically-pleasing, furniture-like finish, it also provides a solid platform for the high-quality drive units to work at their best. From this solid bass drive units are capable of delivering a more detailing, room filling performance.

Simple crossovers

The crossover send the audio signal to the correct driver, depending on the frequency. The simpler this component is, the better. The high-quality crossovers in CM Series use superior Mundorf capacitors for simply better audio.


Great bass depends on smooth airflow. The dimples on the Flowport venting system aid flow much like the dimples on a golf ball. Noise is reduced to a minimum – and even with the volume right up, bass sounds smooth and tight.

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Speaker type Indoor
Color Rosenut
Number of drivers 2
Frequency response 50Hz - 28kHz ±3dB
Sensitivity 84dB
Amplifier recommended range 30W - 100W
Impedance 8 Ohms
Additional information Decoupled Double Dome tweeter; Nautilus tube; Cabinets are made from real wood and are extensively braced; The high-quality crossovers in CM Series use superior Mundorf capacitors for simply better audio; Flowport
High-frequency drivers One 25 mm (1 in) aluminium dome
Midrange drivers One 130 mm (5 in) woven Kevlar® cone
Crossover 4 kHz
Width 6.5 inch(es) / 16.5 cm
Height 11.02 inch(es) / 28.0 cm
Depth 10.24 inch(es) / 26.0 cm
Weight 6.7 kg (each)
Warranty 5 years

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